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To arrange a mail redirection, simply enter the requested details for each of the 6 steps.

1. Ensure your printer is connected and ready to go as you will need to print the completed Redirections Application form at the end of the process.

2. The name on the debit or credit card must match the name of at least one of the individuals having mail redirected.

3. Please ensure the email address you provide is correct because your Redirection Application form (which needs to be printed and signed) will be emailed to this address.

4. At least 7 working days' notice is required to put the Redirection service in place. When the completed Redirections Application form is sent back to An Post, a PIN Activation letter will be posted out to your nominated address. When you receive this PIN Activation letter you must activate your redirection online (by keying in your Redirection Reference number and PIN), after which your Redirection Service will commence from the next working day.

Please ensure you complete this request carefully, providing incorrect signatures, documentation or inaccurate details will delay your application.

PLEASE NOTE that this service is only available for the redirection of residential post to which You are entitled. If you require your company/business mail to be redirected please complete the separate Business Redirection application which is subject to satisfying the criteria of our Business Redirection Terms & Conditions.
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